Neurotechnology Architecting Network

The Neurotechnology Architecting Network is committing to mentoring and training innovators who will develop new technologies to meet the goals of the BRAIN Initiative:

The Neurotechnology Architecting Network is an open organization of innovators across many for- and non-profit institutions who are developing tools and technologies to reveal how the brain works. This network will aim to create a distributed “neurotech valley” that will disseminate these tools to further both the basic understanding of the brain, as well as its repair.

Pacific Northwest NeuroNeighborhood

The Pacifici Northwest NeuroNeighborhood is dedicated to fostering the development of our emerging Neuro-related cluster in the Northwest.

The Northwest NeuroNeighborhood includes the University of Washington, the Allen Institute, Oregon Health & Science University, and 50 companies based in Oregon and Washington. A pilot BRAIN Initiative ‘regional cluster’ this year will bring together the research, clinical, industry, academic, education, public, and advocacy communities around the BRAIN Initiative themes.

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