Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I browse the posts in the slide shows?

A- Content i.e. posts on this site can be browsed, in most cases, in a slide show format. To view the posts in the slide show one at a time and at your pace, you can hover over the thumbnails below the slider. You can also view all the posts in a self-running slide show by selecting the “Play” button to the left of the thumbnails. If there are more than 10 posts in a slide show, they will appear as additional thumbnails. At any time during a slide show, you can hover over any thumbnail to temporarily pause the slide show or you can turn off the slide show by selecting the “Pause” button.

Posts in slide shows are composed of a Featured Image, Title and an Excerpt. To view a post, click (or tap) on the Featured Image once or on Title (in blue). You also have the option to double click on its corresponding thumbnail to open the post.

To return to the home page, click (or tap) once on the Site title in the header.

Q- What do the menu bar icons do?

A- The three dash lines at the far left represent the “Site Map” i.e. access to all of the categories within a Hub or site. Click on the icon to see the first level of categories. Click on an arrow to see next level of categories. Click on the category to see all the posts within that category.

The icon to the far right is the “Quick Link” icon that accesses pages within or outside this site. The icon next to some of the links means that the content is located on an external site and will launch a new tab in your browser.

Q- How do I access the Link Maps?

A- This site has numerous graphics that display all the related posts to the graphics theme. When you select the post with a graphic you are interested in, you will find a PDF that has links to all the posts associated with the graphic. You can also access the graphic and links directly by selecting the graphic from within the Quick Link  icon at the far right of the menu bar.

Q- How can I access the Weekly Digests?

A- Every Saturday, this site’s curators select the best posts from the previous week and compile them in a Weekly Digest post. The Weekly Digests can be found on this site’s home page in the widgets in the right column below the slide show or in a slide show format under the “Home” menu tab. Site visitors can also receive the previous week’s digest as an email by filling out the “Subscribe” form accessible at the top of this page.

 Q- How can I participate in this site’s Hangouts onAir?

A– Every Sunday, this site’s curators have a Hangout On Air. These HOAs will have a moderator and invited participants who will review the previous week’s posts and discuss upcoming online events. The public can watch the HOAs in real time and ask questions via chat.

Any member of this site that is authoring a post can organize and moderate one or more HOAs related to their post(s). After the HOA is over, they will be archived and viewable from within the associated post. They can also be viewed from our YouTube Channel.

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