NIH Neuroscience Seminar- June 8, 2015

TITLE: What goes out must come in: coupling of synaptic exo- and endocytosis

AUTHOR: Jurgen Klingauf, Ph.D.

TIME: 12:00:00 PM  DATE: Monday,June 8, 2015

PLACE: Porter Neuroscience Research Center

 Live NIH Videocast (archived after seminar)

Jurgen Klingauf, Ph.D.



Reseaerch Group Leader
Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry

The focus of our research is the study of synaptic transmission, with the emphasis on presynaptic mechanisms. At the synapse, neurotransmitter is rapidly released from small vesicles which are triggered to fuse with the plasma membrane by the entry of Ca2+ ions.

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Phone: +49 251 83-51001
Address: Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics
Robert-Koch-Str. 31
48149 Münster

Related Research

The maintenance of synaptic transmission requires that these vesicles be retrieved by a reverse process, i.e. endocytosis. How is this endocytic activity and subsequent formation of fusion-competent vesicles coupled to exocytosis? To delineate the mechanisms by which synaptic vesicles can be retrieved we employ high-resolution imaging techniques, like two-photon laser scanning and total internal reflection microscopy, electrophysiology, as well as biochemical approaches. By transfection of neurons in primary cell culture or the usage of knock-out models we can target or modulate specific proteins thought to be pivotal in synaptic vesicle endocytosis. Currently, we are mainly studying synapses of rodent hippocampus, down to the level of single fluorescently labeled vesicles in cultured or freshly isolated synaptic boutons. By making use of fluorescent styryl dyes with different kinetic properties we found that in central nervous synapses at least two kinetically distinct modes of endocytosis co-exist. We are now trying to characterize the respective molecular events underlying those different mechanisms using genetically encoded fluorescent probes.

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