Yoon Lab

Principal Investigator: Euisik  Yoon
University of Michigan Neuroscience

The mission of the Yoon lab is to build self-contained microsystems that will combine and process natural signals (such as bio, chemical, optical and thermal signals) as well as electrical signals on a single chip platform by integrating new MEMS/nano structures with low-power, wireless VLSI circuits and systems. Currently, we have three main research thrusts: microfluidic systems, MEMS neural interfaces, and CMOS imaging and neural interfacing ICs.


Summary of  research direction and goals.

Summary of research direction and goals.

Web Information

Website:  yoon.eecs.umich.edu/
BRAIN Initiative Grant – ” Modular High-Density Optoelectrodes for Local Circuit Analysis”

Contact Information

Email: esyoon@umich.edu
Address: 1301 Beal Avenue, Ann Arbor

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